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     If you work in the non profit industry and need a new job, the first place you should head is an online non profit job board.

Not only will this allow you to find thousands of jobs online, it will also help you find your dream job. As long as you use the non profit job boards you find effectively, of course.

What is a non profit job board? -- This is an online job board that is targeted towards the non profit industry. That means every job listed on it is in the non profit arena, with everything covered from jobs for Executive Directors to Special Events Directors and Volunteer Coordinators.

How to use a non profit job board effectively -- First, you should not just be signed up with one non profit job board, but several. Every job board lists different jobs around the country, so the more you sign with the more access you have to many different jobs.

Registering is easy with most non profit job boards online, as all they require is a recent photograph and your resume, both of which you can upload in just a few minutes.

Once you have you can then start to search the job board for positions you are interested in and apply for those that catch your eye.

Be sure, though, that you apply for any job you are remotely qualified for, as you will often find you may be interviewed for other available jobs within the non profit agency as well.

Accepting interviews -- Once your resume and photo are online, you will also be contacted by non profit executives trying to fill available positions.

Keep an open mind, and interview for any agency that offers what you are looking for. If you do, you could be employed quite quickly.

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